Leaning From The Steep Slope: Outtakes

As soon as I got the brief I just wanted to get started on something which never works out well because I just make things and then its kinda rubbish because I didn’t think about it enough and I didn’t experiment with anything and its generally not very good.

That’s what happened with this image. After reading through the story I picked out this one scene, which described the contents of the observatory and I was just like ‘yeah i really wanna illustrate this’ and I wanted it to be a sorta purpley/blue colour palette but what I ended up with was mostly purple which would have been okay maybe except that’s not really what I was going for, and the purples ended up coming out way too bright and I decided to keep going with and finish it just in case I decided I liked it, but I still don’t like the colours it ended up being.

I like the actual illustration itself like the contents of the image, and if the colours had been more like what I used in the first illustration out of my final three, then I probably would have used it. In the group crit we had for this project, part of the feedback I got was that it really gives a sense of like being able to step outside of the doorway and being able to see what’s around the corner, like it gives a sense of you really being there, which I’m really happy with, and I’m glad people got that from this.



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