Constellation – Reflecting on the first term

I made the mistake of not writing up what I’ve taken from all the constellation lectures as I went along in the first term, and I regret it. This is definitely something I plan to work on during next term.

I took in a lot of information from the first term, and while I didn’t exactly enjoy every single lecture I went to, most of them were helpful in at least some ways. I really liked Cath Davies’ lecture, and Jon Clarkson’s. I thought both of their lectures were really interesting, helpful and actually made sense which was really great.

I enjoyed Cath’s lecture because she talked a lot about things like sexism and the way women are portrayed in media, (in the case of her lecture; in James Bond movie posters) which is something I’m really interested in. It was really interesting to discuss these kind of topics with other people. Jon’s I found really helpful, like the way he explained stuff in his lecture was really coherent and just generally was really easy to understand.

There were some study skills sessions that didn’t make that much sense but generally I managed to get at least a few things from all of them. Definitely one of the most useful things I got from the study skills session was how to do proper referencing, and I still struggle with it a bit, but before I had absolutely no idea where to even start with referencing things for an essay.


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