Field – Part One (The City Speaks)

It took me a really long time to settle on this project, like I started off looking at ghosts stories in Cardiff, but I wasn’t getting super motivated from that, and I sorta briefly flicked through a couple different ideas like mermaids based of fish found in the Taf, and sticking with the theme of ghosts, I considered inventing a sort of story/comic around the concept of someone owning a pair of glasses that let them see all the undead things living in the streets of Cardiff. In retrospect, I wish I’d stuck with this idea because it seems way more appealing to me now then what I ended up doing.

My first kind of directional thought came from when I was walking back from my friend’s house at like 11:57 or something like that, like it was that kind of time and it was very specifically that time. The walk back to my halls took me along north road, past the Aston martin garage and the flyover, which goes over the Gabalfa round about. Obviously during the day that road is super busy, like non-stop traffic, but at that time of night I only saw a car or two every couple minutes and it was mostly people going in and out of town in taxis.

Another journey that really inspired me was when I was walking back from Plas Gwyn, and it was something that I had noticed before on my first journey, but the way the streetlights completely change how we see the colours of things at night was so interesting. It was the sense of quietness as well that wasn’t normally there in these places that was what really gave me a direction for this project.

I decided I wanted to start trying to visually recreate that sense of quietness, like not silence but that sort of peacefulness you get when a place that’s usually loud and busy, calms down and becomes still. I started off using chalk pastels for the first set of drawings I did, just because they gave a really soft, almost blurred sort of effect that worked really well with creating lighting.

I did a few drawings like that and for me they really captured what I wanted to purvey, but I wasn’t sure where to take the idea next. I spent a lot of time dithering between ideas on this project, and trying to work out what direction I wanted to take it in. I always end up very focused on the final outcome, but that wasn’t supposed to be such an important part of this project, it was more about the development so it was quite challenging trying to teach myself to think more like that.

Eventually I decided to look at other people’s versions of quietness, like if they had any specific memories of something they had experienced that was quiet. I got several people to write down their experiences, in as much detail as possible because my plan was to try and visualise these like I had done with my own. It didn’t work nearly as well though. I tried doing one of my friend’s memories in a few different mediums, but I just couldn’t get it to have the same effect that I’d had when doing my own.

I think this was because it’s not my own memory. I’d never be able to experience what she did, so it would be extremely difficult for me to portray her version of quiet properly.

After this I decided to go back to my initial journey back home, along that certain stretch of road at that particular time of night. I decided to go back to the starting point of that journey and document it, by taking pictures and writing notes on my phone of how I experienced the walk.

This project ended up being a very personal one, like how I specifically experience something. I’m not really sure how I feel about that, like I don’t really think it’s all that interesting, seeing how I personally experience something, but that’s what ended up happening for this project so whatever. If I had a chance to change anything about this project, I’d probably change everything and do something completely different. I would have done the ghost glasses thing. I’m really mad at myself for not doing that now. I probably would have enjoyed doing that as an idea rather then what I ended up doing. artists that inspired me during this project.


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