Field – Part Two (Group Work)

I don’t think I’ve ever hated something quite as much as I did the group project for Field. I’ve always found it really hard working in groups, just because I’m naturally quite a shy person and I’m nowhere near as bad as I used to be, but I’m still insanely awkward around people I don’t know. Like I know that a lot of people probably feel the same way in the same situation, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Mostly I’m just like really ashamed of the thing I helped create in this project. My group consisted of 3 illustrators, a ceramicist and a graphic designer, and it was clear that we all wanted to take the project in very different directions. We ended up settling on an idea that we all tolerated at best, I think. This meant that none of us were particularly motivated to work on the project. I certainly wasn’t, at least.

We started off looking at the nature in Cardiff, like the urban creatures, and what people consider to be vermin. This was something I was keen on looking at, I love looking at nature, rather than man made things. I think originally we were going to make a sort of story book, like we were all going to be assigned an animal and make little models of these however we wanted, and then dress them up and have them doing people things. I wasn’t so keen on that, and another member of the group wasn’t either, so we developed the idea a bit and decided that we’d make an animation instead, like a concept for a possible TV series or an advert or something like that.

We still kept with the idea of everyone be assigned a ‘vermin’ animal, so I chose to do foxes. I did several sketches, looking at references found on the internet, because I’ve always struggled drawing canine type creatures. For the animation we decided to make models and use a stop frame animation, with our models of the animals moving throughout the city.

I wanted a chance to make things for the animation out of different materials, something I didn’t get a chance to use much, so I make several foxes out of clay, some out of air drying terracotta and some out of terracotta that had to be fired in the kiln. I had wanted to glaze them but this project was very short, so I ran out of time.

Picture1 Picture2

For our video, we decided it would most likely be a promotional advert for Cardiff, to encourage tourism, and we decided to focus on the rugby, just for the concept video we made. If we’d have more time we would have included a lot more attractions in Cardiff, such as the castle and the bay etc. We went out into town and recorded a lot of sounds, of trains, of traffic and of people walking through the streets, because we wanted to suggest the sense of movement through the city with more than just the visuals. They didn’t come out very well on the video, they didn’t work as well as we had been planning but again, if we had more time we could had worked the video out a lot better.

A lot of the editing of the video came down to the graphics student, because she had more knowledge about to work with computers then the rest of us did. It’s difficult because editing things on a computer isn’t really something that can be worked on as a group, but she did end up doing more work than the rest of us in that respect at least, which I think was unfair. We were very much running out of time when it came to putting the video together though, so it is very much a concept video.

As a group we were okay, I think. I think we definitely got annoyed with each other at various points throughout the project, especially in the first week or so when we were still discussing ideas. We got on a lot better towards the end, which I think was more of a ‘right guys, let’s just get this done’ kind of mentality. There was one member of our group who was barely ever present, and would bail on short notice, or would turn up really late, or just wouldn’t turn up, and then complained about what we were doing. It’s hard in that situation because we couldn’t keep waiting for them to come in to get work done, so we just carried on if he wasn’t there.

I’m pretty certain what we did was kind of awful, but at least we did something. I’m just really happy I can put this to rest now, and hopefully I don’t ever have to come back to this absolute train wreck.

Here is a link to the presentation we created for our project, which contains drawings and gifs made by the other members of my group:

feasty presentation


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