TED TALK part three

My outcomes for this project were a series of 5 illustrations that were intended to be like a magnifying glass type snapshot of the different islands of plants and creatures that could be found on isolated Redwood trees. It wasn’t intended to be completely realistic, more like a whimsical interpretation of reality.

I’d say this definitely isn’t some of my strongest work, as I don’t think any of the images I created speak as well as they could. The tree islands I experimented with, while perhaps a bit too literal, would have conveyed the messages of the isolated habitats a bit better then the final images I ended up creating.

I also did a little extra outcome, which didn’t really have a purpose, it was just because I wanted to keep creating with the TED talk I’d chosen in mind. This series of images ended up being even more fantastical.

extra ted panels


Artist/works that inspired this project:






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