TED TALK part two

Another aspect of the talk that really struck me, that sort of followed on from the epiphytes was that it is thought that there are many species of plants and organisms that you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the earth because the trees are so old. This made me think of the old Redwood trees as being on their own islands, with their own specific ecosystem, like Madagascar having its unique flora and fauna due to its isolation.

This didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to for some reason though. Like all the images I made just weren’t working the way I wanted them to. I think maybe if I’d carried on with it they might have spoken better but my ideas started to change about the direction I wanted to take the project, so I moved on from the island idea after a while.

Sort of linked with the island idea, I thought about having like a small planet that just had the Redwood forest on it. I’d just bought a tiny Moleskine diary that had Le Petit Prince on the cover, so I was thinking about how the prince lives on his own little planet and has his Baobab trees, and the idea of having this tiny planet covered in just trees really appealed to me.

I attempted a few versions of this, but like the tree island ideas it was really doing what I wanted it to. The main issue I had with these was that I couldn’t find a way to paint a bulk of leaves that looked decent to me. I tried sponges and using some bigger paint brushes, combined with a watercolours and acrylic but none of these combinations worked well. I figured either having the trees far enough away that I could paint all the leaves as one mass, or close enough that I only needed to focus on the branches was the best solution to this problem.



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