TED TALK part one

‘The mysterious lives of giant trees’ 

Any chance to base a project on the natural world, and I’ll take it. I’m still at a point where I have no idea what kind of media I want to be using most of the time, but in terms of subject, its always going to be inspired by the natural world. This talk was so fascinating to watch, and what I liked was that it was more of a sort of celebration of the Redwood trees then addressing a specific issue, which meant there were so many different aspects to work from.

The first thing to do was to watch the video and take notes, visual and written. I sketched some of the things that stood out to me as I went.


One thing that was really fascinating from the talk was the part about copepods, which are tiny crustaceans usually found in the ocean. They’re one of the main sources of food for Baleen whales. No one knows how or why they’re in the trees.

ted dev9

I’m pretty certain I want to come back to this at some point, so I’m going to expand on this aspect of the talk. If I’d been better at organising myself I would have created a lot more then that sketch for this project. As it was I only got around to really focusing on one part, which was the epiphytes that grow on the branches of the trees. Epiphytes are plants which grow on trees. In the video Richard Preston talks about there being many species of moss and lichen. When I was researching this more I found a page talking about the numbers of plants found growing in Redwood canopies. They said “a total of 282 plant species growing there, including “183 lichens, 50 bryophytes and 49 vascular plants” were found.

I became so enamoured with this idea of having all these plants growing on the branches of a massive tree, like miniature gardens hidden in the canopy.

tev dev6ted dev8



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