FIELD II week 2

18th Jan – 23rd Jan

Life drawing this week was about adopting the models poses and understanding and experiencing the strain of the form on our own bodies. We recreated and held the pose that Barry was doing for a few minutes, to really become aware of the way our bodies were stretched and where the pressure points were. We were sat on big pieces of paper while doing this, and once we’d held the pose for a while we drew around ourselves, everywhere that we were touching the paper and really put emphasis on what physical sensations we were experiencing from the pose.

This was a really interesting way of life drawing. It was still inspired by the model, but was also a representation of what we ourselves were experiencing. It was satisfying to actually put to paper where we felt the most pressure and weight on our bodies while we were sat in that position. Additionally to the life drawing, we also did life modelling using clay. We had three different poses and used clay to try and purvey a sense of weight and strain in the body, similar to what we had been doing before.

In the afternoon of the 19th we looked at creating something 3D from a 2D template. Working with a ‘dress pattern’ for legs provided by Natasha. This is definitely something I enjoyed the most out of everything we’ve done so far. It was really fun making something that actually looked like the thing it was supposed to be. This is more like what I imagined we’d be making when I signed up for this project. Not that I haven’t enjoyed everything else as well, but it was satisfying to having a fair amount of time to work on a piece and to make it look realistic, or at least attempt to.

One of the artists that really stood out to me this week was (is the artist in this video babette martini or sabine heller?). The piece she makes isn’t really something that appeals to me, it’s the method that she works that really interests me. The way that she carves out the figure from the unfired house bricks, almost hacking at the form and only having a very basic outline to work from is almost quite brave, it’s a very confident approach.

It is something that would probably help me a lot in my own studies, having a confident attitude, making bold strokes and not being so delicate about things all the time. Another thing that really strikes me about this is that the artist only works with the clay she has, doesn’t add anything else to it. She only adds clay back in that she’s already cut off. It would be quite a good way to use the least amount of materials and to be conservative with what you have.

On Thursday we did a combustible  materials workshop, working with slip and fabrics and a variety of other materials. This was quite fun, just making a lot of mess and not having to worry about being really delicate with anything, just because this process doesn’t really allow for it.

I didn’t really have any feelings negative or positive about the outcomes from this workshop though, its maybe something I’d do again just for the fun of it but the actual things I made were quite vague, in a way. They mostly just referenced parts of the body but in an abstract kind of way which isn’t something I’m overly bothered about doing.


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