FIELD II week 3

25th jan – 29th jan

I missed the first session from this week (26th) because I had the mother of all headaches. The workshop on that day was where everyone made plaster casts from moulds made from a limb sewn out of fabric. This actually looked really cool and effective, and I’m sad I missed the workshop for it.

On thursday Malene Hartmann Rasmussen came in to do a talk in the morning and a demonstration in the afternoon. I found her work incredibly interesting, and aesthetically pleasing.

There isn’t anything I don’t like about her work. It’s very realistic, like you can trick yourself into believing what you’re seeing is real living creatures and landscapes. This really relates to a lot of the work I like doing, and what I’m inspired by outside of this project. I adore the fantasy elements of her work, I can’t get over quite how much I loved it.

It was really interesting to see her do a demonstration for us as well, to see what she does to make her work so perfectly finished and to try out some of the techniques ourselves as well. She is definitely someone that I would take inspiration from either in my future uni work in my subject, or in my own personal work.

After her talk Rasmussen gave us a demonstration, creating a few objects to show us some of the methods she uses when she was creating her own work. To make the tubular shapes she uses, for example, as the stems for her mushrooms she would put a stick in the middle of some clay and roll it, which makes the stick push out the clay and create a hollow centre.


I used to the rolling technique to model part of a leg. It worked relatively well, I think, although its not very obvious what it is unless I explain it because its not attached to anything. It’s intended to be the knee, with part of the thigh and calf. I really enjoy being able to sculpt objects that look at least vaguely like what inspired them.



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