FIELD II week 4

1st feb – 5th feb

We started off this week with life drawing, which I felt was really successful. I feel like my drawings from this week were the strongest I’ve done so far this project. We did several quick poses, then a few longer ones.


I like using pen when I’m life drawing because it prevents you from focusing on trying to erase mistakes, instead you just have to keep moving forward with the drawing to get a decent amount on the page within the time frame. I think this way it helps improve your confidence in drawing as well, like once you make a mark its permanent so you learn not to be so precious about it and it helps drawings come a lot more naturally.

We had a visit from Sam Bakewell, who is a ceramicist who used to study at Cardiff Met. I found his work incredible, he spends such a long time on one piece, working on it on and off for years, such as his ‘hair ball’ piece. The level of detail he manages to create is insane. I really admire his skill.

The main reason for Bakewell coming in was to give our groups tutorials on the display of our work. Earlier on in the day we’d kind of made a rough draft of where we wanted to put the work we’d created. We hadn’t spent a lot of time together in our smaller groups before this point, so it was really just an initial set up to see what everyone had.

The tutorial with Sam Bakewell was aimed to help us come up with ideas for how we wanted to develop our display. We agreed it was definitely too cluttered with the amount of work that was currently up. The first thing we did was to take down most of it and then choose one or two items each that we thought were effective but would also fit well with the other selected pieces. We decided to try and go for a muted/grey colour palette with our choices of work, and to try and highlight this sense of the way the body exists in space. We wanted to instances of the way skin folds and stretches, which is something that can be translated well through clay.


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