FIELD II week 5

8th feb – 12th feb

This week has really been about perfecting our final display of work. At the end of last week we’d left our display in a state where our work was sort of laid out with some thought but we’d only really been working on the display for a day so it needed to be smoothed out a lot more.

Generally as a group we’ve managed to come to a fairly unanimous decision about how we want to display our work together. To begin with I personally felt it was quite cluttered, like we started off by just trying to display as much of our work as possible. It didn’t feel like it flowed when our work was display like that, like it looked more like we’d plonked our work down and it looked unorganised.

This week we started off by taking all our work out of the display and moving the wooden shelving so it comes out into the room further. It stopped the display being so condensed in the corner of the space. We decided to hang our work from the structure instead of having them resting on the shelves. We also really stripped back the work that we did have on display. We took out most of our work, but still making sure that everyone at least had one thing. Using predominantly the pieces created in the slip casting workshop, we suspended them in the sections of the structure with string.

The main issue we seem to be having within the group is the decision to have work besides the hanging pieces and Alice’s figure. A few pieces have been places on the floor on the inside of the structure, between that and the wall. In my own opinion I think it takes from the overall effect of the display rather than adding to it. By having these pieces placed on the floor it seems to go back to that feeling of being cluttered and having too much going on. With this display, for me, it definitely seems that less is more.

The minimal approach to displaying the work really focuses the attention on the individual pieces of work within the display. Having a few pieces spread out a little, rather than a large amount trying to be crammed into the same space, seems to achieve this much more effectively. Having a few extra pieces in the area between the wooden structure and the wall, a space which is already quite small, makes its look much more cramped.



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