Tumblr delivered me an absolute gem while I was scrolling earlier. Conrad Jon Godly is a landscape painter from Switzerland. He uses an incredible amount of paint in his pieces, just looking at it you can see how the paint stands out from the board. You can often see the paint dripping off the edge of the canvas, like the paint is too thick to be held by the canvas.

In my own work I’m kind of heading more and more towards doing landscape paintings, regardless of what project I’m doing. I keep coming back to a certain way of painting, with big expressive strokes. It’s a really fun way to make an image, and for me personally I think it works really well. What I really enjoy about working like that is that you can suggest an image of something without putting a huge amount of detail in, its just about what kind of mark you create. Godly does this incredibly well. His marks are so expressive, but seems so effortless at the same time. By just doing one big sweeping stroke he can create the impression of a flowing stream.

I’ve never tried using oil paints before, but I’m certainly considering it now. You can get some satisfyingly expressive marks with acrylic, but because oil paint is much thicker I imagine it gives you a lot more to work with. In the past I’ve mixed plaster in with acrylic and it’s had some really amazing outcomes. It produces a really interesting texture and really comes out from the page. I want to revisit this in future work, as well as experimenting with oil paints and seeing how effective they are in my own work.



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