Editorial Project (Week Two)

In the second week we had a workshop with Tom Martin where we had to bring a box and a load of stuff that related to our article or not. Just a lot of stuff. I gathered things but I’d also made all these little terracotta people the day before with the workshop in mind. I’m glad I used them instead of anything else, like the article I chose doesn’t really have any obvious themes, its just a guy talking about going to a work reunion.

The idea with the box was that there is a hole in the lid where you could project a light and create a spotlight that would initially land on the centre figure but could be moved around to highlight the other figures. The lid is suspended up so there is a gap around the side where you would view the scene

Having these clay figures in a circle, all staring at one in the centre was meant to be a representation of the quote from the article that I was really focusing on, where the author talks about showing up to an event such as a work reunion naked. He talks about it being ‘a staple of the anxiety dream’. The figure in the centre would feel like they were being stared at and that they’re the only one in that situation, when really most people would feel the same. Anxieties often feel like you’re the only one in that situation and you often feel isolated, but in reality a lot of people will feel the same way.

Editorial 3D Object Photo



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