Its become more apparent recently, how much of an inspiration Bob Ross has been in terms of my interests and work. I used to spend weekend mornings with my mum watching a marathon of Bob Ross painting on TV. I’ve always found his work inspiring, mostly because of his ability to create a recognisable form with a single mark. I feel like my own work is often quite expressive and focused on mark making.

His work has been very relevant to a few of the projects I’ve done this year. Firstly was the TED talk project, where I spent a while watching his show, trying to work out the best way to paint a bulk of leaves, that wasn’t incredibly time consuming. I still haven’t quite worked out the knack for it but I feel like I’m improving, and not just copy his methods, but working out my own instead.

His influence on my work can probably be seen best in the Biography Project. For that project I ended up making a series of landscape paintings, and was very focused of expressive marks. I didn’t put a lot of small detail into the painting, but tried to creative the shapes, light and shadow buy using single marks with the brush. This way, from a distance they can almost look photographic but as you get closer you can see each individual mark made on the page.


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