This project was very much about observation. Horses are a big part of my life, and feature heavily in what I drawn in my own time for fun. I already had a lot of images of my own to work from before the project was even given to us. I just spent a while drawing from these, to test out drawing different positions and from different angles.

Around this time was when I really started exploring further into doing more expressive painting, looking more at the landscape and the textures and colours that could be found in them. It was also around this time I came across artist Murat Yildirim, which really heavily inspired me. (More info about why on the post I wrote about them.)

I dithered between different materials for ages, and I ended up with different extremes. Below for example, I created a very muted painting with water colours, as well a very dark pigmented and less refined painting.

This project was a big learning curve for me, I feel like my work has significantly changed since starting it. I’ve found myself with more of a direction, and feel as though I’m much more confident in my work. It opened me up to working differently in the projects I’ve done since then. For example when I revisited my Biography project, I took the experience I had with painting landscapes for the War Horse project and really pushed it forward. For my experiments in War Horse I was only trying to paint landscapes that I had made up, where as in the Biography project I used references and the images were a lot more effective.

I don’t want to rely entirely on references when painting and drawing, but as I’m still teaching myself to work like this and I’m still developing these skills, its good for practising and getting ideas.



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