The final series of images that I created for War Horse after I returned back to the project ended up being nothing like what I’d previously been working on. One of my goals for this last few weeks was to focus on observation, colour and texture. I really heavily worked with colour and texture while I was moving forward with my Biography project, so I wanted to push my observation with War Horse. Horses are probably my favourite thing to draw anyway, and something I feel relatively confident in doing. The work I’d been doing previously for this didn’t give me much opportunity to really focus on the details of the horse, so  this was something that I really thrived off doing and enjoyed.

For these I want to have them printed out nicely to display for assessment, so that I can insert them into my copy of War Horse, then I can fit them in to accompany the story. I’m still dithering as to whether I prefer the images with a rough border or completely filling the frame. At the moment I prefer the full frame but I’ll print out both copies to see how they look next to each other.


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