Iguanamouth (Lauren Dawson) excites me so much, right from the second I first saw her work. She’s probably most well known for her ‘unusual dragon hoards’. I really admire her ability to persevere with a concept.

Her work is effortlessly funny but I also find it insanely relatable. She talks about her own insecurities by combining words and illustrations, but she does it so effectively. She talks about the kind of insecurities that people have that, the ones that you feel like you’re completely alone in having.

I looked at her work for the TED project, as there was one particular comic of hers that really came to mind when I started working on it. Someone else on tumblr had originally come up with this concept (“imagine if the oceans were replaced by forests and if you went into the forest the trees would get taller the deeper you went and there’d be thousands of undiscovered species”), and Iguanamouth did what she does best and took the idea and ran with it, creating something beautiful in the process.

I looked at this comic for my TED project because of its links with this idea of a deep undiscovered forest, like a whole different world that humans are barely even scraping the surface of.


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