FIELD I – Inspiration

Artists that inspired this project:

  • Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard

This series of images is definitely something I’m going to investigate further in the future. The artists use glow sticks in water and long exposure photography to create these incredible images. I’m always on the art for any kind of art that uses light and its something I’ve been keen to bring into my own work for years. The interest originally came from the Light Show that was shown in the Hayward Gallery in 2013. I found these artists after I’d done my experiments into photography, and I didn’t have much time left in the project by that point otherwise I would have liked to apply their technique to my own work.

  • Brock Lefferts

This work makes me wish I’d spent some more time to play around with the images I’d taken on the computer. I love the surreal-ness of these images, as well as the combination of the natural flowing imagery contrasted with the clean cut edges and geometric shapes.

  • Vincent van Gogh

While I admire all of Van Gogh’s work, these two paintings in particular really interested me for this project. I started off looking at all aspects of the river, and a big part of that is the reflections that can be seen on the surface, created by the rivers surroundings. The appearance of the colour of the river is often influenced by the state of the sky. The expressive way in which he paints also relates to the way I paint in my own work.

  • Nick Wroblewski

Nick Wroblewski - accordancediptych

I found Wroblewski’s work while I was researching into printing and artists that produce prints. He specialises in wood cuts, but he often uses multiple wood cuts to make a single print. I briefly attempted wood cut and I don’t think I’ve ever found something so frustrating before. I am incredibly envious of his patience and skill when he’s creating these images. The way he uses the wood cut to create the appearance of water is especially amazing. He manages to capture the movement, colour and light that you see on water.

  • Susan Derges

This is an artist that was shown to us by the tutors at the beginning of the project. I found Degres’ process very unique. She exposes photo paper beneath water so that it picks up the shadows that are created by the movement of water. I want to attempt to mimic her process but it would take a lot of experimenting to get a similar effect I imagine. 


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