FIELD I – Paint

Originally my idea to sort of cohere all the work I’d done throughout the project was to organise my work into three sections, each one focusing on different parts of the water cycle. So my print work would be about the river, the photography would be about the river reaching the sea and going into the ocean. I wanted to make the third aspect about the water that evaporates from the rivers and oceans and forms clouds.

I didn’t revisit printing or photography for this, instead opting bring my own techniques to the project.

I created a long strip of paper by taking smaller sections and sewing them together and making it into a concertina. I’ve always really enjoyed working like this and I feel like it worked really well. In the end I decided I didn’t really want to keep using the water cycle idea, so I’ve just organised and displayed my work in three books, each one focusing on the methods I used.


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