FIELD I – Photo

I think for me this project was predominantly about experimentation in print, but I didn’t want to limit myself to that so I did some time with cameras and in the dark room. I took photos on the compact digital camera I have, but I also borrowed a film camera and photographed my way down the river from uni to the barrage.

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I ended up getting lost on the way down to the barrage because I hadn’t been there before, so by the time I got there the light was fading quite rapidly. This resulted in all the pictures I took on the film camera coming out very grey. I also don’t have much experience with cameras and developing film so it was probably something to do with that as well. I really enjoyed the process though, and trying to work out how to develop the pictures to create the best result.

I had an old film from a trip to St Ives I went on during my foundation year which I hadn’t had a chance to develop. All of the pictures were from a particular beach near the town, so I thought they would be a relevant thing to work on to practise developing film further. These were taken during bright daylight hours, although it was still a pretty cloudy day, so most of the pictures from that film came out a bit more contrasted.

Scan 6


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