FIELD I – Reflection

Field in the second year is a lot more enjoyable then in the first year, from what I’ve experienced so far. Being able to choose the project was really important, and not spending too long on the same subject is something that I really benefit from. Field last year, combined with the project before, was just too much of the same thing.

It was more the subject matter then the processes on offer that made me choose Riverscapes as an option for field. Nature is a common theme in my work, so this was an opportunity to do another project focused on what I am passionate about.

From what I understood as the project was ongoing, the aim was to create a body of work rather than having a specific final outcome. In subject the aim is to have both a body of work and a final outcome, such as a series of finished illustrations or an animation. I still ended up having a sort of finished outcome for this field project because I want to see my work serve a purpose beyond just being looked at.

I took a few of the nicer prints I’d made and cut out a postcard sized piece from them. I then designed a mock up postcard layout on the back of the image. I made a postcard from the lino print where I had just embossed it. It does kind of work as a postcard as long as you have an actual copy of it, but when I tried to scan it to put it on here the scanner just couldn’t pick up the detail of it. So if I planned to have these printed professionally, I’d only be able to use prints that didn’t purely rely on being able to experience the texture of it.

My intention with these would be to have them sold in cafes and shops along the Taf river, or just in similar places around Cardiff. I’d like to make them into greetings cards as well. I think this would work better with the embossed prints I did. I want to actually find somewhere to sell them if I did make some, but I’d need to make a lot more then I have and make the prints a lot cleaner then they currently are.


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