As I progressed through the paintings, I definitely saw my skills at landscape painting increase. I became a lot more confident in the process, understanding the method I needed to use to create the images most effectively.

I’d been really unmotivated with this project when I first started trying to come up for ideas for it, but once I finally settled on this idea and got going with it I really enjoyed it. I’ve never really done anything before that made me think ‘this is it, this is going to be my thing’, but I really got that from this project. I’ve never felt like I could just narrow my work down to one method of working, and I still don’t but if I did I think this would probably be what I’d choose.

I took a lot of inspiration from Bob Ross, as I do with most project about the natural world, really trying to observe the way that he creates a rock or a tree for example with a really just one kind of mark. I tried to find my own way of doing that, experimenting with ways to effectively paint mountains and rocks, so that it gives the impression of detail without actually spending loads of time putting every tiny detail in there.

To bring all these paintings together, I scanned and edited all the images and send them off to be made into a book. Book making is not a strength of mine, and I don’t really have any desire to change that. I know enough that I can make a very basic book, but I’m not good at being neat and precise, and I really wanted this to look professional. I used a website called Doxzoo to get my book printed. They were the cheapest and fastest option I found, and I’m really pleased with how it came out.

Its definitely not perfect. Its kind of still a prototype, but now I know what to expect I can make adjustments to work out the issues in the future. For example a few of the images came out a little bit purple tinted, and the some of the font is slightly bolder then the others and I’m still trying to work out why. Over all I’m still very happy with it. I often struggle to create anything the looks even vaguely professional or finished, so I’m proud of this.


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