Kim Keever created some of the most incredibly art I’ve ever seen. They create romantic-esque landscapes, by building ethereal underwater worlds in fish tanks.

Their work appeals to me on a spiritual level. The colours that can be seen in their work give it a real dream-like feel, although you can still almost trick yourself into thinking that you’re looking at a real landscape. There is such a great a amount of detail in something that is actually quite small. When I first saw these I thought they were paintings, because they really do resemble romanticism paintings.

I first looked at their work for my TED project, because of the fantastical angle I was trying to take on the project, as well as looking at it for my Biography project because of the sense of place you get from his work. Although I was trying to achieve something a bit more realistic in my biography project, I still found it relevant in terms of the depth created in his images by the colour and light he uses.


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