WAR HORSE – Inspiration

  • Bob Ross

Bob Ross inspires most of the work I do, and when I was looking more into having big landscape paintings as my final outcomes I was thinking a lot about his work. I still wasn’t very practised in painting landscapes at this point though, so I struggled a lot trying to get the work how I wanted to look as I was still learning the processes. I was also making up a lot of the landscapes I was trying to paint which is probably why I was struggling so much.

  • Denise Finney

When I changed my idea about the outcomes I wanted to produce for this project, I started looking at artists who created portraits of horses. This artist was reccomended to me by a friend. They create these hyper-realistic portraits of horses. I wasn’t looking to achieve hyper realism in my own work, but I did want a fairly accurate representation of the horses I was drawing.

  • Steve Messenger

I found Messenger’s work really interesting. He mostly works in create portraits of horses, but he does it in these really bright, over saturated colours which is something I hadn’t come across with other portrait artists. In particular, his piece called “Trotting In Red” really interested me. He doesn’t use any outline, just uses the white paint to show where the highlights of the horse are to create its shape.

Other artists that inspired this project:

Conrad Jon Godly

Murat Yildirim 


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