3D Clouds

Though the work I’m working on isn’t 3D, I’ve been looking at several 3D artists. Partly because its what I aspire to making in the future, maybe not on this course but at some point in time I’d like to reach that point. It is also because I feel that looking at how other artists have captured the light and shape of clouds in 3D, as well as 2D gives more perspective on the subject.

The work of Richard Clarkson Studio stood out to me in particular. They create ‘experimental lighting and furniture’, and it was their interactive cloud lights that I became interested in. The clouds light up from the inside in response to music, and the way in which the lights flicker is made to look like lightning flashes. The way the cloud is set up in the room in the image sets the tone of the space, with the cloud being the focal point. It creates an immersive atmosphere, where the viewer’s senses are consumed by the cloud.


Another 3D artist I looked at was Miya Ando. Her works involves ‘capturing’ clouds in blocks of glass. The cloud itself is flat inside the glass, but because of the nature of glass the cloud looks a lot more three dimensional then it actually is. The glass distorts the image giving the spectator a unique view.


Savannah Gordon’s work is somewhat similar to Richard Clarkson’s. She creates images of clouds inhabiting spaces where they shouldn’t be. Having the cloud in that space changes the atmosphere of it, as does Clarkson’s. I aspire to create work that brings an atmosphere with it.

Into The Woods


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