Immersive Art – Walking in My Mind

I felt for a long time that I didn’t know where I wanted to take the cloud project, and ended up looking at a lot of installation/immersive artwork. It’s an avenue I’ve wanted to pursue for years, but it’s never been realistic or feasible, and it still isn’t, really (lack of time, skill, space). I’ve always had visions of creating an entirely immersive environment for the viewer. I went to the ‘Walking in My Mind’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery in 2009, and a few of the installations have stayed with my vividly. One of those being Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Metamorphosis’.


Her use of mirrors and sculpture to create a seemingly endless space enabled the viewer to step into a completely separate zone. To create a space where the spectator leaves the outside world entirely would be immensely rewarding.

Two other pieces from that exhibition remained present in my mind, one of those being ‘After the Dream’ by Chiharu Shiota. She uses immense structures made of string to create cave-like environments, with objects captured in the centre. This cavernous structure can aslo be seen in Thomas Hirschorn’s ‘Cavemanman’. The piece is made up of a series of tunnels, the walls and floors coated with book pages and parcel tape, and there are objects scattered around; empty cans, ‘rocks’ made from parcel tape and stacks of oversized books.



The ability to walk around and explore the twists and turns of this space is one of the reasons it’s so enticing, I think. There is a sense of ‘I want to know what is around the corner’. If I had the ability, the time, materials or knowledge, I would make something like this in a heartbeat. To make a space that removes the viewer from reality, and immerses them in a different world.


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