Animation Attempts

If there’s one thing I learned from doing this project, it’s that I am definitely not an animator. I’m honestly not sure what possessed me to try in the first place. I feel animation require a certain level of precision and neat-ness that I just don’t have.

I found it incredibly difficult to keep the flow of a painting continuous when I have to stop after every stroke to take a picture for a frame.

I made a few attempts at different methods of animating. I did a few experiments with using oil on glass, which seems to generally be the way to go about animating with oil paint. I didn’t get very far with these experiments before I got insanely frustrated with it. I wonder now whether I should have spent more time trying to push forward with it, to make it work. But I didn’t enjoy the process at all, and I didn’t fancy making myself suffer.

I managed to get one very messy, but sort of finished test. I painted onto a piece of board and instead of glass, which made the paint a bit easier to manage. I didn’t go down to animation to do it properly though, so the images in the gif I made jump around a lot. If I’ve got time, I want to go back and attempt it properly. I’m still almost entirely certain that it won’t change my opinion of animation but it would be satisfying to see it have a cleaner outcome.



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