After scrapping the education animation idea, and then animation in general, I was left without a direction or context. It wasn’t until I was at home over the Christmas holidays that I found myself a direction. My bedroom window has a really good view of the sunset, and the sky is almost framed by objects in the foreground. The Christmas period seemed to gift me some pretty spectacular sunsets, and on the 3rd of January in particular I felt inspired.


“clouds could be seen as a negative thing blocking out the sun and bringing rain and cold days and dreary featureless skies that leave you feeling unmotivated and uninspired

but then now im looking at the sunset tonight and im thinking that these clouds give the sunset so much more potential and they make it so unique, because without the clouds the sun just fades and maybe there is a nice gradient of colour and that’s lovely too, but this evening there are cirrus clouds across the sky and they pick up the colours of the sunset and amplify them and it is truly spectacular

no single person is perfect and we all have our little imperfections that maybe others can see or maybe we can only see ourselves but that makes us individual and expressive and recognisable and so much more interesting and the imperfections should not always be written off as a bad thing because they can create something beautiful

and maybe it sounds really lame but I think we are all our own sunsets”

Having spewed out this train of thought, I felt I finally had a direction.


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