Links to Dissertation

When I wrote my dissertation proposal it had absolutely no relation to my subject work, but over summer I changed my idea and I believe it ended up shaping the development of my subject work. I changed the focus of my dissertation from feminism in Mad Max: Fury Road, to the presence of the romantic sublime in the film. The romantic sublime is something that I think I had been trying to capture in my own work without even realising what it was. The sublime is about creating extreme and contrasting feelings in the viewer, immersing them in awe and terror. I’m not necessarily going from quite that extreme, but I do want to create atmospheric and immersive pieces.

The artists I looked at in my dissertation, such as Turner, John Martin and Constable all overlap with my subject work. Looking at them for my dissertation gave me a greater understanding of their work, particularly Turner. I spent a lot of time reading in depth into his artistic career, and I believe he will continue to be an influence to me and my work.

18337401_10213362735129640_516953848_n (2)


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