Reflection: Field

I was lucky enough this year to be given several opportunities to take my work out into the ‘real world’, and watch the public interact with it. In January, myself and two other students from my course were offered a paid scribing position for a conference about internet safety and wellbeing, run by WiseKids. It was my first time working in this kind of environment so I went into it with no idea what to expect. We were scribing the talks and panels as they happened, so we had to work at a very quick pace, but still create work that was concise and coherent, so that people could view it in the future and be able to understand the message. It was a fun but challenging day, that had the three of us working to adapt our skills to the task.

living from the shoulders up(1)

Another opportunity was the ‘Travelling Circus’, which was a sort of working exhibition that was organised and run by Tom Margett. A group of us from Illustration moved our practise out of the studio and into the Duke Street Arcade in town for a few days. It was a thoroughly enjoyable few days. It was exciting to be working in view of the public, and to be inhabiting a different space. We managed to lure a few members of the public into the arcade but mostly people came past and peered through the window at the work we were producing. I spent the 4 days creating a cloud painting, which I would later use for another exhibition, ‘Spectacular, Spectacular’.

to rpint

Sophie Keen organised ‘Spectacular, Spectacular’, which was an exhibition where the participants involved had to submit and show work that focused around the theme of a spectacle or the spectacular. I submitted the painting I had done for ‘Travelling Circus’ because I consider the natural world, but in particular the skies, to be spectacular. I looked at similar themes in my dissertation, so this exhibition carried on with that body of work. The exhibition was incredibly well organised, with everyone getting involved in promoting and curating the show. On the opening night, I also received an offer to buy the painting I had on show, which I accepted. It was a really good boost to my belief in my own abilities as an artist and I tried to keep that motivation going in the build up to the degree show.

Trying to balance my time between completing the pieces I wanted to have on display in the degree show, and building the show itself was definitely a struggle. I spent the last two weeks before the deadline constantly covered in paint, either from my own work or from painting walls in the Illustration show space. I have two pieces on display, a book and a painting. The painting is one of the first things that people will see when they enter the show space, and I am interested to see what effect that will have on the viewers.

Alongside the physical work, I have been working on building my own website. I wanted it to have a very clean, white, minimal appearance. The portfolio of work that I am displaying on there is predominantly painting, with a series of drawings that accompany my Pit Pony project. If someone were to come across my website I would want them to see me as being more of a painter then anything else.

The link to my website is here:


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