Scrapped Ideas

After Christmas I came back and I was lost for ideas. I jumped around between several before settling on the Pit Pony idea. The main idea I’d had was called ‘The Forest of Love’. I’m not sure what took me down that path, but I had love and the insecurities and risks that accompanied it on my mind and I wanted to talk about it. Some of the points I wanted to make came from personal experience and I’ve never felt comfortable illustrating personal issues. This meant that this project idea was wobbling around uncertainly before it had even taken its first steps.

DSC00044 (2)

I wanted the viewer to follow the persons journey as they go deeper into the forest, uncertain of what they will find, if they will even find anything and whether the journey will be worth it.

The second idea I had was ‘comfort food’. I immediately found someone who had essentially done the same thing, and I also immediately realised how technically difficult it would be. I wanted to make sofa-sized, food-shaped furniture. So a giant bean bag shaped like a piece of cake, or a sleeping bag/comfort blanket shaped like a burrito. Again it came from kind of personal ideas, about my own relationship with food.